About Us

We might be biased but if you ask our family we will tell you that the Havanese breed is the best breed you can get. We came across the Havanese breed when we were looking for a toy dog that would be great with our children. The first time we saw the Havanese puppies striding around with their smiling faces we knew why they were so great with children – they are love bugs. Our children instantly referenced the puppies to Tigger – happy, bouncing around, and carefree. Our Havanese babies are part of our family. We can always depend on them to lighten our day and bring smiles to our faces with their silly spunky behavior.
A little about the breed. The Havanese have a high intelligence combined with an intense willingness to please their family that distinguishes them from other small breeds. They have a lively gait caused by a slightly higher back end. Their mischievous expression provides you a little warning that their mind is at work – not to mention it is adorable to look at. Havanese are very alert and playful even as adult dogs, but not naturally hyper like many other toy breeds. They often behave like little clowns and provide great entertainment! But the very best part of a Havanese is they are a toy breed who love children.
Chocolate Havanese Puppies for sale
Chocolate Havanese Puppies for sale

Our Contract:


Please review our contract and ensure that you ask any questions. We do not make any alterations.

Our Prices:

Please do not ask if we will negotiate our prices. To raise healthy quality puppies a lot of resources are invested in the medical care, food, housing, and maintenance of our stock. You should be very concerned with those selling Havanese puppies at a very low price as they probably not properly cared for. Our prices are based upon a "pet" quality which is why you will find some more expensive as theses may be "show" quality dogs. There is not a difference other than one will have preferred markings, champion bloodlines, earned titles, etc. We do vary the prices of our dogs on their colors as well. Our chocolate dogs tend to be more because of the rarity of color. We do strive to make our dogs affordable for families but just like a child a dog is an ongoing expense and we do want to ensure they are going to a home that can keep up with that expense.

Methods of Payment:

When placing a deposit on a puppy we accept cash, check, money order, or credit card. The $500 deposit will be applied towards the purchase of the puppy. Note that when using a credit card a 3% fee will be added for the card usage (this amount will not be applied towards the purchase of the puppy). The deposit is non-refundable.

If you would like to place a deposit to be placed on the Waitlist then the process is as follows:
Deposits are still $500 but broken up. To be placed on the Waitlist it requires a $100 deposit. 
When puppies are born I will contact each party on the list in order of the deposit received by email or text.  Email or text announcement will have pictures, each party will have 48 hours to pick their puppy. At that point the next party will be notified and allowed to pick their puppy. The additional $400 of the deposit is due when you have chosen your puppy. If for some reason there is not a puppy that you would like then you may wait until the next litter by being placed on the waitlist again but the deposit is not refundable.

When paying the balance of the puppy it must be provided no later than one week before the puppy is picked up. If you are providing the balance when picking up the puppy then only cash or credit card will be allowed. Note that when using a credit card a 3% fee will be added for the card usage (this amount will not be applied towards the purchase of the puppy).

Puppy Pick-up:

When you select your puppy an estimated date of pick up will be provided to you. Once the date is confirmed you will be notified. You will need to pick up the puppy within one week of the pick up date provided. If you are unable to do so and need us to hold on to the puppy longer that is fine but a boarding fee will be incurred. The boarding fee of $75 will be charged for each week the puppy is kept past the first week of pick up.